About me

I'm Andrew Villazon, a Data Professional.


I write SQL and Python in a Data Warehouse environment. I also use tools like Tableau and PowerBI for Data Visualisation.

I'm happiest making SQL queries go fast (query tuning) or using Python to do just about everything else.

Why I write

I started this site to share how I'd solved a problem or something that I'd discovered and thought others might find helpful.

When I do write, I try and draw on my own practical experience as much as possible. I like instructional content that leans towards solving real problems.

Because of this, you'll probably find my content very "data centric."

About this site

This site was built with Gatsby. If you're interested in reading about the experience of working with Gatsby, I documented it here.

Unlike many Gatsby sites, I opted not to host on Netlify. To get equivalent automation, I use Github Actions and wrote about my setup here.


The design of taniaracsia.com heavily influenced the creation of this site. I hope she doesn't mind.

I like the clean minimal design that helps focus on the content. I've never met Tania but have enjoyed using her site, and it's full of useful content.